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An endless journey.
Wolves will forever walk a path of destiny, bending to the will of how one's raised, on how one's taught, but will the wolf stray from its fate? Will the wolf walk a path of its own devotion?

In the divided territories; Halcyon Cove, Arcane Mountain and Stygian Bog, wolves have come together as brothers and sisters.
Each has its own story to tell.
Each has walked an endless journey.
Now, they put their weary paws to rest and walk a path of peace.

Has their journney truly met its end?

Will you join them or continue on like a passing wind?

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Site Updates

29th April: - 'Operation- Purging the System' commenced. Shikari, ... is temporarily moved to AM.
- Roslynn is made Moderator.
- Several inactive members deleted.
- AM and SB Pack Pages updated.
- Season, Site Stats and Home Page edited.

Further updates and editing to come.

Season: Spring

Spring's euphoric touch has set upon the wolves of EJ. The trees are blossoming, and the southern winds are moist and bring a prosperous era. Spring will soon envelop into summer, a time of glory, and breeding season will end soon.

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