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Alpha Soldaeth

Alpha Roslynn

Sol is a respectful, understanding male, but that persona is one of many others. He is best with fake personalities, and has been in trouble in the past for being a sickeningly polite sweet talker. It would be very hard to decode who this wolf truly is, but he has changed from a polite, self-respecting, slightly power hungry wolf to a vicious, hateful and uncaring one and is now a humorous, respectful hard-working wolf at heart. Becoming Alpha has given him a slightly more strict attitude, as well as serious, but he is not as harsh as his past Alpha, Chakota and can be warmed up to much more easily.

Roslynn, or Ros for short, usually remains as emotionless as a rock, only showing fear or respect to wolves of higher ranks or when it is expected of her. Although this female is small in size, she sure packs a bite, and has a temper that occasionally erupts, but she usually just sits back and watches how things work. She has light brown fur, mixed with darker hues and a creamy colored muzzle and belly, which her honey gold eyes compliment. Witty and cautious she can seem a bit naive in her ways when one meets her, but she can also be a loyal friend if given the chance.

Beta Zeus

The complete opposite of his brother. His coat is a mix of reds, browns, and blacks. He has a white chest and underbelly. He's large, larger than most males his age. His eyes are a storm gray, like his brother's, but are much more friendly and welcoming. Though, with his friendly and bold nature, he is very prideful. He will not bypass a challenge, unless the odds are greatly out of his favor. (Per-say, fighting a black bear.) He'll settle for no less than a warrior. Aside from his pride, he can be loyal and trustworthy. He'll follow any of his pack-mates into battle, and will fight if he has his eyes set on a she-wolf. He's always looking for a way to prove himself. His beliefs center around Lupus.

Beta Haiku

Haiku is a bright and cheerful she-wolf with a long, fluffy white pelt and stunning amber eyes. She came from a dark place indeed, one full of bad memories that she prefers not to speak of. She also travelled on her own for a time, and she loves to tell exciting stories of her wandering. She's fiercely protective of her packmates, loyal, and hardworking. A modest she-wolf, she tries her best at every task she is given. She had been missing for months*, gone off to scout the border and caught in the forest fire that destroyed much of the Forest of Paradise, but she was rescued by a gang of passing rogues, who sheltered her and healed her. She returned to Arcane Mountain to Alpha Soldeath, and, to her suprise, Alphess Roslynn at his side. She now holds the position of Beta Female and will uphold the rank for all she is worth.

Shaman Foxglove

Abandoned as a pup, Foxglove was left to wander and figure out the wild world on her own. As she grew, she started to see the traits that made her Foxglove. The black spot of fur on her chest, her always shining amber eyes, and the red twisting down her back were the most noticeable. She had a knack for being stealthy and her knowledge played a large role in surviving the forest as a pup, but it was hard to use it the right way. And though she was stealthy and powerful, her true passion was in herbs and healing.

Guardian Hades

Hades is one of the names you're glad to hear, or are terrified immensely by. He's a towering wolf with no tolerance for disrespect and will gladly put a wolf back in their place. His eyes are quite like gaping masses of gray, unlike his midnight coat. He prefers silent and strong as opposed to loud and bubbly. When his loyalty is won, though, Hades is a good ally to have around, and a fierce enemy to be afraid of. He'll stick beside his comrades in the event of an ambush, or a war. He's a bit of a loner, avoiding crowds when he gets the chance, when unaccompanied by his brethren. His beliefs are centered around Destiny and Fate. He has few mannerisms, like howling every morning and evening to set his mother's soul to rest, as well as his siblings, or to appease his goddesses. Hades, up until the time he found the Arcane Mountain pack with his brother, was a loner. Only sticking beside his own brother, beating down anyone who would try to threaten the duo. If you break open the enigma of his heart, you may find a loving wolf underneath. You'd have to be patient, as well as strong. Regardless of his muscle, when he opens his maw he offers wise words. Let them be in the form of reprimand, or to inspire someone to stray away from idiocy. He is loyal to his pack, his Alpha, and himself.

Elite Warrior Nayda

Nayda has bright golden eyes with soft black fur and large ebony paws. She is an elegant wolf, with elegant features and has good intentions towards any wolf or person that intends to be friends with her. From her past to present, she has been through much, from finding Arcane Mountain to leaving it for days at a time...she has learned from her mistakes and is now back, and ready for much action. She misses everyone in camp and hopes she can comfort each wolf like she had a long time ago. Nayda still hides her pain, and eveything that hurts, in her mind but she lets it out in small spurts towards fighting things and hunting. She was builting for fighting and hunting, her body is lean and thick.

Pack Wolves

Many positions available.
[Positions include Warriors and Deltas.]

Ap is the medicore  for her seniority of three years. She is slightly taller than that of the average female. Her appendages are also slightly longer, but not noticable upon first glance. Longer limbs allow her to obtain stretched strides, though she fails in comparison to most within the endurance category. Her sinewy coat can only be described as colour which is a rouge crossed with mahogany and dappled with ashen. The lengthy coiffure hangs loosely from her embodiment, pairing pleasantly with the indifferent, auburn eyes that lie centered upon her elegant pallete.

Delta Apricity
[Delta under Beta]

Apricity's name defines her whole personality: the warmth of sun in winter. She is mostly on the optimistic side, though at times she can be quite sorrow-filled. She isn't necessarily to be considered 'bubbly'; she simply wasn't raised in such circumstances. Her birth pack consisted of the merciless assassins. She was the production of the Alpha pair, the only survivor before her mother became barren. Therefore, her personality became that of a regal. Respectful and exceedingly loyal, Apricity possesses the upmost respect for her superiors. Although loyal, she's not a pushover. She will stand up for what she has faith in, with or against those who she is amongst. She's fearless. She was trained under the Alpha; upon which his pack valued the characteristics of a murderer. Though she lacks compassion, she does have a more reasonable side, which is understanding and sympathetic to the few she trust.

Warrior Larka


Larka is a strikingly beautiful she-wolf. She has fluffy white fur and gorgeous brown eyes. Larka is also a very, very loyal wolf and will never leave your side if you show yourself worthy of her company. She will do anything to protect her pack and the members in it. It is very rare for her to trust you. She was an only pup the other 3 never got to see the light of day. Larka prefers not to talk about her past. But to summon it up, when she was in her mother's pack one day they turned against her and tried to kill her. They failed, she just kept running never looking back. The female then went through her options she then decided to join a new pack and get a new life. Ever since then she has been vicious, hateful and uncaring. If she is close to you it will be entirely different, she is seen alone and remains quiet. Larka got her name from her father's favorite character from his favorite story. The female is always ready to protect another.


Mentor Blossom

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Blossom. The name sounds sweet, now doesn't it? No. This fluffy multicolored wolf may seem sweet, but she is putting on another guise.Blossom is conflicted, and can get very emotional at times.To hide that secret, she becomes disciplinary and orderly, locking the emotions deep in her heart.Said heart has only once been broken into, by her Mentor, back in her birthpack. He was handsome, and he taught her to be loyal, but he loved another.Blossom wishes to be given respect, and does not want tons of attention on her.

Migratory (Temporary) Members

Warrior Shikari



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