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Lying in the heart of the Arcane Mountain Territory is the pack's camp.
The camp is sacred grounds to the wolves and is considered their safe zone. Any wolf daring to enter without howling for permission may be attacked.

The General Area of Arcane Mountain is super tricky though definitely a sight to see. It's freezing temperatures and harsh landscape make life here seemingly unbareable, but the thick coats and great sense of smell of the Mountain Wolves sets the right mood for pack life.
The wolves here are masters of ambush and are extremely well hunters.

Swift Creek is a fast channeling stream that breaks off from Deer Run River and right through the depths of Arcane's glorious snow covered territory.
It is the main source of water for those that dwell in the mountain tops as sometimes its too much of a trek to make it down to the lake on a surrounding piece of nuetral land.

Arcane Peak is thesummit of the Mountain wolves wintery home. Its the tallest mountain of all the territories combined and is highly dangerous to wolves whom arent used to the pressure and the dramatic drop in termperature.
Mountain Goat can be found clammering around the less snow covered parts of the peak and are often a choice of meal for the more capable wolves.