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Alpha Male

To be choosen by the Alpha Female.

Alpha Bellini

Bell is a beautiful young female, having grown into her large head and skinny legs. She is a proud and kind she-wolf, but she is not afraid to put her paw down. Having a very peaceful view on life, this young she-wolf is hard to anger, yet it is even harder to impress her. She does no get mad easily, but she will do anything to protect her pack and the members in it. Bell is also a very, very loyal wolf and will never leave your side if you show yourself worthy of her company. Her past was not a rough one, and because of this she does not find it hard to reflect and learn from it. She absolutely loves pups, as she wishes to have some of her own, when she finds a wolf worth her affection. Bell is very hesitant in the matter of showing her feelings to others, and finds it hard to get extremely close to a wolf.
Other than this, she is a well-rounded and fair Alphess, ready to fight for her pack, so beware!

Beta Talon

Talon is an extremely handsome male with strong features and the muzzle of a true beta. He is very large in frame as well as he is in heart, but is an incredibly stubborn wolf with a rather complicated personality. He has tough walls put up around him and allows no wolf past them, except for one. His un-dying love and loyalty for his Alphess, Bellini, causes his walls to bend and snap when her velvety voice calls his name. Talon would gladly place his life on the line for her and for Halcyon Cove. Underneath a lush cream and silver coat, streaked with a dark onyx black and the occasional red, is a well toned body. This male is certainly bulk muscle and intelligent to the core. His downfalls. Size, of course, may cause him to be clumsy, but his biggest are his eyes. While his sense of smell and hearing are extraordinary, his eye sight is poor, due to his mother having been born blind, and it only will grow worse with age. However, not many pick up onto his hardship and for the time being, only his sister and his Alpha know.

Beta Female

Position available.

Shaman Mukund

Mukund is a deep grey and red wolf. His eyes are light gold color. He has a chirpy personality and likes to help other wolves. He doesn't care what other wolves think of him. If it's bad then he doesn't care. If it's good then he's okay with it. He is all with finding solace and most of the time hope is lost on him. Wolves don't trust him because of his looks but, when you get to know him...he's a cheery wolf. Mukund does not like to speak of his past. It disturbs him to much to think about. His past is what turned him away from the darkness and into the lightness. His past is a bad one, if he even mentions it to you, you're a pretty lucky wolf.

Guardian Micheal

He is a reasonable wolf. He has alot of  intelect and intends to put it to good use solving problems, to help with hunting and to help track down enemys. This wolf was raised from birth with a good heart but he has a outer shell of stone. Many wolfs try but never have a emotional connection with him. He has respect for his alphas and for higher ranking wolves above himself. Micheal has a soft side for pups and always has. Micheal is a dark timber wolf almost black with hazel eyes and a black muzzle.

Elite Warrior

Position available.

Pack Wolves

Many positions available.
[Positions include Warriors and Deltas.]

Delta Spirit [Delta Shaman]

Spirit is the oldest and largest of her siblings, she is taller then the average female and slightly taller then the average male. She likes to help people and is cheery she looks at everything with a bright side. But knows not everything has a bright side. The she-wolf has a grey/white fur coat with a few dashes of black. Her eyes are chocolate brown. The female doesn't care what others think of her, and is ok with that. Most wolves in these forests have bad pasts but not Spirit, after hitting the year old mark she thought it was time to find a new pack. She has always loved herbs and plants and is a excellent healer. The female does well in listening and following out orders. Well mannered and beautiful, in general Spirit is an amazing wolf.

The most important thing you need to know about Spectrum is that he's a nutcase. A total goofball. His choice of words might be somewhere along the lines of "fun-loving" or "enthusiastic" but everybody knows he just loves messing with packmates. If he actually wants to take something seriously, he still pretends it's all a joke just to keep the mood light, because any situation grim or grave enough to catch his attention could probably use the humor. His favorite saying is "We never really grow up. We just learn how to act in public." He finds it funny because not only has he not grown up, he definitely doesn't know how to act in public. Or if he does, he doesn't make an effort to show it. Other than his wacky tendencies, he is very caring and accepting of anyone, no matter their looks or ability. He believes it's the heart that counts. Spectrum's pelt, as his name suggests, is made up of a variety of colors, including white, grey, silver, black, dust, copper, and a shade of orange he calls "rust". His eye color on its own is very plain, a muddy brown, but the coloration around his eyes in sync with his face muscles gives him a very charismatic appearance. He is average size for a male, perhaps a little lighter in weight than he should be for his age, and not particularly strong. Don't underestimate yet, though. His defining physical trait is the intense speeds he can reach. He is also a quick thinker, planning ahead just enough in battle and hunting so he keeps himself out of trouble, but also making sure he's in the moment and not distracted by the future. He puts this ability to good use in his daily life, as well.

Warrior Spectrum

Spectrum only eats when he's hungry, and he does his best to help out where and when he can around camp. Most importantly, he has the power to assess a situation, whether it's for himself or others, and make the best choice, regardless of past experiences or worries about the result. He handles problems as they come, and he handles then well. He prefers not to talk of his far past, as it is behind him, but recently he had been traveling with a rowdy pack of loners, until he happened across the peaceful forest of Endless Journey.

Mentor Akila

”Daisuke…Daisuke…”Akila cried out the name of her surrogate father. He was the only family she had, and now, he was dead. Her protector, her daddy, was lying on the snow... motionless. This fae is named Akila, but she was not always called by that name. Being first born of the Alpha’s of Midnight Hunters Pack, a pack renowned for their all black fur; she was named Heaven’s Gift. Her father, at birth, was Lone Star; her mother was Shimmering Moon, so her name was not at all strange to the custom. Before she was a year old, two events took place. First, her brother, Nova’s Gaze, was born, also pitch black. Second, her Brown flecks appeared. According to custom, she was chased out with a death threat. As she ran endlessly, an old, gray wolf found her. He introduced himself as Daisuke, and when little Heaven’s Gift stuttered to say her own name, he renamed her Akila, and took her in. He taught her how to fight, disciplined her on Pack Law, and the importance of finding a pack. He perfected her fighting skills, yet retaining her true capability. And Finally, he died, just after leading her to the Forest of Paradise. He told her to seek a pack, and his last words were: “You are Heaven’s Gift to me…my dear Akila.”


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