Ready to rest your paws?

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Lying in the heart of the Halcyon Cove Territory is the pack's camp.
The camp is sacred grounds to the wolves and is considered their safe zone. Any wolf daring to enter without howling for permission may be attacked.

The General Territory of Halycon Cove is a wide ranged area made up of mostly an autumn-like atmosphere with thick moisture filled air and a rocky terrain.
Its home to many strong and stealthy wolves whoms bodies have adapted to scale large boulders and keep their paws silent on the  crunch of the fall leaves.

Deer Run Falls, which feeds into Deer Run River, is a beautiful and serene landscape where the Cove wolves can often be found on hot days or when mothers are out with their pups.
Deer Run, as its name suggests, is a very likable environment for deer to gather.

Stone Valley is a barren piece of land that is dry and humid with several large boulders and stones. Its a great place for a quick spare, but be careful! A wolf can dehydrate fast here.
Pups should be accompanied by and adult as there is not very much protection from lurking predators.