Ready to rest your paws?

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Deer, Elk and Rabbits oh my!
Many prey animals can be found here in the Hunter's Meadow. This giant open land used for hunting is smack dab in the middle of the three packs, and borders Lake Serenity's area. Wolves on the prowl can be found here but be weary! Rogues and Loners may also enter the packs through the Hunter's Meadow.

Lake Serenity has a landscape that looks to good to be true. It's body bares the crystal clear waters that give it its name. It is the perfect place to spare and to fish, but also a great place for mothers and Mentors to bring pups to play and learn.
Cutting off from the lake's shore line is a bridge of land that leads to a small island. Its both mysterious and beautiful.

Crescent Meadow is a quiet and peaceful area where many many flowers and herbs can be found. This meadow is every Shaman Wolf's paradise and they can often be spotted here collecting the correct materials they may need for their herbal dens. Pups should be accompanied by an adult as some herbs could be fatal to come across.