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Alpha Male

Stone, is a handsome and mild mannered wolf whom is the spitting image of his father, the mighty Chakota. With this thick, stark white fur, large size, bright blueish-green eyes and deep rumbling voice, some occasionally forget that Stone is the offspring of Chakota and not the once beloved alpha himself. Stone is smart and despite his young age, both well mannered and surprisingly wise. He is a kind hearted wolf but rules over his pack with a firm paw, hoping from the many stories he was told about his father, that he rules in the same way. At the age of 6 moons or so, Stone up and disappeared. He'd gone off exploring in the dead of night, alone, so that his siblings would not feel their mothers wrath if he were caught and not only got lost but was found by a small group of wondering rogues. Luckily, he managed to escape but in fear of bringing the violent strangers to his new home and his family, he kept going in the other direction. He had many adventures along the way and he rather enjoyed the freedom, the wind rushing though his thick snowy fur and the endless running. One afternoon, his paws found the soil of another pack, The Rain Pack. He quickly made friends with a few of the other wolves who happened to cross paths with him at the same time, all wanting acceptance. That's where he met Harriet, a spunky ginger and cream female with sky blue eyes, the two found an instant and mildly flirtatious friendship and have been together ever since. And although he had seeked acceptance from the Rain territory, when he discovered how large and chaotic the pack really was, his heart suddenly missed his homeland dearly. Harriet seemed to turn her nose up at the large numbers and had quickly left the lands as soon as she saw the pack, inviting him along. Now they've come back to Stone's homeland. He missed his siblings and mother dearly and worries that they may not forgive him for his sudden disappearance. Little did he know, he'd be gaining an alpha spot upon his return.

Alpha Female

To be choosen by the Alpha Male.

Beta Shikari (Temp. moved to AM)

Shikari is a big wolf. No, not big, MASSIVE. This large white male is soley made of bulky muscle and strength, and holds an intimidating posture over others. Small wolves will always look like dwarfs beside him, and even the average wolf can get a little spooked by his phenomenal size. Born to parents of great stature, there is little question of why he is the size he is, and it is very likely that his offspring will be just as large. However, although very powerful and heavy, Shikari is quite slow in movement and not so great with stealth, as expected.He remains loyal to his pack, and follows orders without exception. This is only due to Shikari's love of the territory; he never gets involved in fights of dominance, for the Alpha who rules must be the most capable. Shikari seems to be beyond taking the role of Alpha anyhow. He is also rather interested in finding a mate, which seems unreal, although he hasn't found someone he particularly likes just yet.

Beta Harriet

Harriet is a rather petite female with ginger and white fur and pale watery, blue eyes, but don't let that fool you. She's not at all afraid to speak her mind, even if her thoughts contradict others' opinions. Her spit-fire like tendencies and words seemed to have only increased as she grew older, much to the dismay of her previous parental figure and guardian, Dane When she was born, her mother could not care for her and her dad wanted nothing to do with a pup, seeing their relationship more as a one-time affair rather than them being a mated pair.

Shaman Apollo


Apollo is a bright wolf with a dark past. He comes off as silent and to himself most of the time, but can bare a playful side if in the right moon. He is a strong and sturdy male with long legs and a lithe form. Apollo has thick multi-colored fur, which is mostly made up of grays, browns and white and his handsome face is adorned with stunning golden eyes. He's average sized for a male and though he doesnt look like much, this Shaman can put up a fairly descent fight and will stand up for his rights and especially for his packmates.
Apollo is certainly loyal to the bone.

Guardian Alunali

Image to be updated soon.
Alunali has changed since her brother has returned to the forest. She is still a bit cold and distant, and will demand respect and submission from wolves of lower rank, but you can see a new spark in her beautiful green eyes, a skip in her step. After Hornet left her, she was sure that she was going to be alone forever, never to be able to share her feelings without the glares of misunderstanding eyes. Alunali has truly trnasformed into a beautiful young she-wolf. Her bright green eyes now sparkle when they once were cold and dead. Her orange pelt, inherited from her mother, still gleams as if it were a sun. Her voice is silky and smooth, it's tones influencing many. Of course, that is why she is in her position. As the the Guardian, it is her job to protect her brother, Shikari and Harriet. She may not look like she is built for fighting, small and slim, but you'd be surprised. Her small body is filled with strength, her muscles hard and toned. She trained long and hard to be where she is today, and she will not let her fallen father down. Alunali is a beauty to be trifled with, and you will go tailess if you cross her.

Elite Warrior Arcane

Arcane is a mainly white wolf, but there is yet another color to be found- black. There is an obsidian streak that appears to run down his face in between his eyes, depending on which way his fur is turned in that section. Sometimes it's there, sometimes its not, and sometimes its only half there. Also, his flanks are shaded black for the most part, which takes from his desired snowy white look. To sum it up, Arcane is a well-muscled wolf, but is also very fast. He is of average size, and is quite a stunner. Arcane opposite-shaded fur matches most of his personality. He has friends- and he loves to make them. But it takes time, as he does not trust easily. But when he does, he becomes the nicest, friendliest wolf there can be. With wolves he does not trust, however, it is quite the opposite. Arcane is loyal and will lay his life for his pack, considering he trusts that pack. He is a natural leader- it comes from his histroy, which is the one thing he has sworn never, ever to talk about. But he knows there will be one wolf who he will give in to.

Pack Wolves

Many positions available.
[Positions include Warriors and Deltas.]

Warrior Raheem

With her fur of the deepest ebony hue, Raheem can easily melt into the shadows and not be seen. She may not be the strongest nor the most agile, but Raheem is a clever mix of both and she knows her strengths, very tactical in her positioning in a fight. Her fur, is a silky, smooth texture and there is an abundance of dark shades in her coat as well. Only a few scars mare her pelt, the most visible being a scar through her left eye. Raheem has extremely long claws that certainly do see their fair share of the innards of unfortunate souls but Raheem sports no markings. Brilliantly bright emerald eyes light her path, with long legs to carry her. Rah is a little chaotic at times and likes to stick to her feelings more but does use her head if it means the safety of others. For the most part Rah is nothing but friendly and kind to most but her anger seems to be a trigger to a darker side to her that is not a side best seen, tending to send her into a sort of trance where it seems to go two ways, the first being almost like a chaotic evil or the other like a lawful evil but this seems to only be directed towards her enemies so friends and family are safe. Rah knows of this side to herself and does not enjoy the feeling of it so she tends to try and avoid becoming angry to that point more of re-directing the conversation or just leaving in general unless she doesn't notice her anger building to that point. Though outside of this Rah seems almost like any ordinary adolescent girl. Her fragrance is similar to the autumn leaves in the breeze. Will she rise the expectations or fall like the others ?

Warrior Honey

Honey has traveled far in her search for the right pack, many times she has been proven wrong. She stands about average. Her pelt is pure white, cloaked by a creamy-honey-gold. Her tail thick and bushy, but soft as silk. Her eyes at first glance are green, but if you look closely, you begin to see hues of emerald, and jade. She is build for a female, but all the same she is graceful and powerful. A true enchantress if there ever was one. Her past is not easy on the ears, and although she seldom speaks of it, she is proud for it made her stronger, and tougher. She isn't afraid to go after what she want, and can be quite determined. Graceful? Yes. Proud? Yes. Loyal? Yes. Protective? Heck, yes. She is very compassionate and affectionate, sweethearted by nature once you get through her walls. She is a creature of few words, but wastes no time getting her point across. When she was a pup, she was next in line for Alpha of her fathers pack. But one night as the pack went to hunt, Honey was stolen from her familys den, and carried off into the night. She was brought to a different pack but was far too young to fight back, and if she happened to get free she didn't know how to get home. 2 seasons went by and she was beginning to catch the eye of the Beta wolf, Rogue. She had no desire for him, but instead wanted a warrior wolf, named Thor. Thor had begun to court her, and Rogue had him killed on the night she and Thor would request the right to become forever mates. After that she fled and never looked back. That was many moons ago, and her time in the wild has molded her into a force to be reckoned with. She may be small, but she is fiesty and packs quite a bite.

Warrior Isabella

Looks: Bella is your average sized she-wolf, but don't let her size fool you, she is tough as nails. Her pelt burns an auburn red as the leaves in the fall upon the trees of the mountains. Her eyes a blazing honey-gold.

Personality: First thoughts of Bells: Proud, strong, elegant, spirited, sweetnatured, protective, honorable, and tough.

Background: Bella comes from the high mountains, her father ruled a valley which was meant to be hers once she came of age to take place as Drappa(Alphess). Her father forced her to leave when her pack was ambushed and killed off one-by-one. She was barely a yearling pup then, and the time on the run has made her the skilled warrior and hunter she is today.

Warrior Luna

Luna is a petite black wolf with tawny eyes and a long, wispy tail. She comes from a long line of Alphas, though she has no particular interest in leading a pack herself. Because of her size, Luna is better at talking her way out of things than she is at fighting. That's not to say she won't or can't fight, but she will avoid physical confrontations if she can. Her feminine appearance has been known to be an advantage for the young she-wolf, but is fully able to take care of herself. Her skills lie in fields involving assisting her fellow wolves with knowledge and skill over brute force. She is very sociable and can warm even the coldest of hearts given the opportunity.


Position available.


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